So I never thought this would be something I would write. On the 4th I was having severe abdominal pains and went to the ER. I didn't know what it was but it kept on for 3 days. I went in, got bloodwork done, they're like "wow you're severely anemic right now" did a pap smear, cat scan of abdomen. They saw a mass on the catscan, said "we're admitting you, you need to have more tests" I got 3 units of blood that night and monday I had to get a colonoscopy ( sp? ) done, they knocked my ass out, did it, saw a mass in my colon, took a biopsy. Had to wait for results, so tuesday they come around and first theyre thinking crone's disease "you're too young for cancer" they said. So the biopsy comes back, colon cancer. Doctor was like "i can't believe it and then i chceked your family history..." It is what killed my father at age 33, apparently we have a shitty genetic for it so fuck. They do more cat scans of my abdomen and are like, its only on the right side of the colon and looks isolated lets get the mass out, so ok...wednesday I prep for surgery on thursday. Thursday I have surgery, spend most of thursday evening in a druggy haze of pain, I finally become coherent and alert on Friday and have a row of staples down my pelvis, fun. The pathology from the mass came back, 2 outta 50 lymph nodes they tested by the colon had cancer, so its not bad, chemotherepy after i recover from this surgery is gonna happen and that should knock it out so its gone. I am mom is going to come visit me sometime in the next 2 weeks. Patrick has been so supportive and loving and stayed with me everynight he could. I wanted to let everyone know what was going on. I will write more when I have a chance, I am so weary, I just got home after being in the hospital a week so I am gonna just go sleep. I will write more later. Love you all. I will overcome this.


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