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( Jan. 29th, 2009 07:04 am)
I thought healthcare was something I wouldn't have to bitch about until I was in my late 50's or something but apparently I was wrong. Even having a decent healthcare plan can still get you fucked if you dunno what's coming.

I ordered my PET scan a week ago and set an appointment for today. They took down all my health insurance information gave me a date and time for the scan and that was it. Since I'm doing it at the out patient imaging service at the same hospital I stayed at, I figured that the PET scan would just be added to my hospital bill. This is not the case. I guess because I'm not admitted into the hospital right now and I'm an outpatient, I have to pay 20% of costs upfront for any of my other care. Patrick's aunt ( well my aunt too now ) Kathy told me I need to get an evidence of coverage thing from united healthcare so I can look over what my portions are, what I will have to pay for and what will be billed to them. But to continue with what I was saying, last night the insurance department of the hospital calls me and tells me "We were calling to let you know that tomorrow for your PET scan your portion is going to be 716$."

I was SOOOOOO upset. I told them I don't have 700$ right now. My damn disability check has yet to come, they're in the process this week of "Reviewing" my case now that they have all the paperwork. The lady was like "well, if you don't have the 700 we need at least half"
Thanks for telling me the day before you jerkfaces.

After I got off the phone I cried and Patrick calmed me down. I called my mom and she immediately told me to go ahead and take 300$ outta the bank and my brother is going to give me an additional 200$ to help out. I am only paying those fuckers half. 700$ is a big chunk of change with the way the economy and shit is right now, these people are fuckin' crazy.
This financial shit is just wrecking me. I have a damn job and pay out of every paycheck to have an insurance that covers 80% and I pay 20, but I am still going to get charged an arm and a leg for everything. But if I were to quit my fuckin job, declare myself broke, and go on medicaid, they cover everything 100% ( provided my doctors would even take medicaid)
If I quit, I don't think I'd be able to file for unemployment. I'm waiting for the place to close so I can file, and then I can go ahead and file for medicaid. Fuck paying 400$ for Cobra a month for this kinda shit. If I have to go to a diff doctor, then so be it. I mean, chemo is chemo wherever I get it. At least for the major surgery I had a fantastic surgeon.
I was having such a good day yesterday too, that phone call really threw me off and shook me. After I pulled myself together though I realized I could come up with half by just asking my family.

Now what I need to do is find out how much I'll have to pay when I get referred to a surgeon to put in my port, and then I have to find out how much I have to pay on my weekly chemo treatments. After I get those costs established and know what to expect financially I think I will finally be able to calm down. United Health care has assigned me a "case worker" who keeps up with how I'm progressing and what appointments I have and ect ect, but its worthless, she can't tell me shit about costs, half the questions I ask she tells me I need to ask the hospital or the doctor. Or she refered me to the damn united healthcare website. Bitch if you're a damn case worker for the united healthcare assigned to me, shouldn't you have all my plan info and costs and be able to actually answer some fuckin' questions?
As for current costs, my bill from my surgeon came in, 300 for the consult and 2800 for the surgery. I haven't gotten any paperwork from united healthcare yet as to what their portion covered of that is, so I am gonna chat with the doctor about when I need to start making payments. My aunt Kathy told me I could ask the doctors what minimum payment would be acceptable and also ask if payments could be deferred for 6 months so I would have time to get my treatments done and then do payments ( or in reality just deferred so that I can have time to get some damn money to even make a fuckin' payment )

Obama seems to be swiftly putting into motion his plans and trying to get us back on track asap. I hope healthcare fix is not too far away, it sure would help me out.

Off I go to get ready for my PET scan. Pray I'm not all glowy ok?


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