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Me and my brother had heard the tale of "Bloody Mary" ( like the movie Candyman, you would look in the mirror say her name 3 times and then she was supposed to appear and crap ) When we heard this, my little brother would ask me to go to the bathroom and stand outside and talk to him while he was inside, so bloody mary wouldn't get us LOL, he did the same for me, cuz I was scared too. I dunno how long that lasted but we eventually got over it.

I used to stomp on bugs as a kid, my mom told me "Don't do that because the guts come out". Somehow I equated this with *my* guts were going to come out of my belly button, so I stopped smooshing bugs.

I was visiting my rabbits in the backyard one day and I pulled the sheet down and a flying roach was in the sheet and it came flying at my face, I ran screaming across the whole backyard and I swear the damn thing was fucking following me. Even to this day, I am mortified of big ol water roaches. The lil ones don't bother me but if the roach is longer than half of my index finger ( and especially if the fucker has wings ) I freak out immensely.

I also hated horror movies as a kid ( of course) but my brother was 5 years old watching freddy, chain saw massacre and other shit that didn't even phase him. However, my mom brought the Beetlejuice video home one night, I thought it was great, my little brother, horror movie specialist, started bawling his eyes out and was SO scared of beetlejuice!! That shit still makes me laugh.

I'm glad they had a topic up, I got up cuz I couldn't sleep but maybe now that I've unloaded my mind a bit I can finally go to sleep.


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