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( Feb. 13th, 2009 10:27 am)
I woke up at 6 am to wake Patrick up for work, I felt like I was hung over. I rolled over and slept till 10 and now I am feeling much better.

My mom will be here today, her flight gets in around 1:40. I am happy about that. We're gonna take her out to eat at a resteraunt called the Black Eyed Pea, I've only heard about it and everyone says the food is delicious. It's southern homestyle cooking. I hope they make good mashed potatoes.

I met a lady having chemo yesterday on the same regiment I'm taking, she's so happy and cheerful and she's been on the chemo 6 weeks already and looks great. She has rectal cancer though, not colon. She said I'd get used to the meds and not to worry too much. She also says she isn't losing any hair, but then again she's also on some steroids because of her type of cancer. She made me feel a little better, she's got 259k in cancer bills, so I'm not even a 5th of where she is lol She looked to be in her late 40's. She was originally from australia, I loved her accent. We both had the same surgeon and are seeing the same oncologist in the clinic ( because there are 3 diff ones ) She's like "Ah'n our dooctors FABULOUS"
I told Patrick I wanted to ask her to say "'Ello Gov'na!" Like the rice krispie commercials LOL...Patrick was like "well you'll be going there awhile and if she's on her first cycle, you'll be seeing her again, its bound to happen."

Oh...some good news to combat all the bad that has been going on. Patrick is one of the top 80 agents on the seniority list at our place of employment. Our site has been offered a contract from Direct TV, the 80 senior agents are going to be offered this job to work from home, pay is like 13.50 an hour or something. Training starts next week and he'll be training all day 8 am to 5 pm. He talked to me first cuz he wanted my support on this and I said hell yes, I'll collect the unemployment and he'll still be working and that will be awesome. I need to talk with my insurance company because when enrollment of benefits come up again and Patrick can enroll for insurance, I am going to ask since its the same company can he add me. Maybe I can keep on with my benefits if we get on the same plan. I wonder if he adds me as a spouse under the same plan I have, even if I'm already with them, will they tell me pre-existing conditions apply? I don't see how they would be able to, even if the policy is switching to his name If I have an existing account with them, i'm just continuing coverage under the same company. I'll figure it out eventually. The good news is if anything decides to reoccur in my body, I'll be on top of it early because i'll be getting frequent checkups and hopefully won't have to go through all this crap again.

I told you guys I was hanging by a thread, the turn around of events is a blessing. I am hoping I can ride on smooth waters for a little while, It's amazing I haven't completely broken down in the past month. I can tell you I probably have plenty more grey hairs to show for it though.

If you don't see me post till Monday, I'll be spending time with my mom =)

Love you guys <3


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