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( Feb. 16th, 2009 02:47 pm)
Still feeling yucky. Just took mom to the airport an hour ago. Her plane should have just left.

I took her to the mall, out to eat twice, to a few jewelry outlets and we had a nice time. It was difficult to go the places we wanted cuz everything was so packed because it was valentine's day weekend. I told her next time she comes to visit we'll have her come during the week so we can go all the places we want and not have to worry about the crowds.

My digestive system is acting funny, trying to balance the effects of chemo with trying to take my iron supplements to prevent anemia. And then of all things, last night started PMS time so any nausea or dizzy spells from the chemo is coupled with PMS syndromes and I am just miserable. I am glad it didn't happen till the night before my mom was leavin or else I wouldn't have been able to manage to go anywhere friday or saturday.

I learned more about Patrick's direct tv thing, its going to go till April, its a trial run, he may still get laid off after that. It all depends on how the test project goes. I hope it goes well so he can get the insurance and sign me up. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll have to get Cobra after I get laid off.

Which leads me to....
You all know I have been bitching about how expensive Cobra is going to be for me to maintain after the job lays me off. Well that beautiful stimulus plan congress just passed has something in there where till the end of the year, the government is gonna pick up 65% of cobra costs ( THANK YOU JESUS )
So even if my employer was paying like 80% of what the insurance was, and I'm paying 40$ every 2 weeks from my paychecks, I know that won't have to pay like 400$ so that's great. Just as long as it lasts till I get my treatment finished I'm happy with it.

this is all I can muster up the energy to write right now I'm so spent.


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