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( Feb. 19th, 2009 10:00 pm)
Before I went in the hospital, or maybe it was after, I can't remember, I had about 20$ worth of quarters in my lil change bucket. Since the hospital of course, my outings have been limited and In the past two months I can say for sure I have not been to a coinstar. I have been adding quite a few handfuls of change in the past few weeks, Patrick contributing at times as well. I know just today I put 96 cents in I got back from the store. Well, I figure, I'll count the quarters to see how much I have! I figured I'd have at least 30in quarters, 40 in change all together. I start counting quarters and notice relatively quickly my amount of quarters is lacking. I count out 7$ in quarters and then am immediately upset. Someone has been stealing my change. Only one person in the house steals.

Even after my RAGE attack in december, I decided around christmas I would be civil. After the whole cancer thing, I was just worn out and too tired to be angry at anyone so I kind of just wiped the slate clean and was just nice in general. Just today I bought that bitch a snickers icecream bar, and yesterday I bought her lunch. AND THIS BITCH IS COMING IN ME AND PATRICK'S ROOM AND STEALING. A leopard can't change its spots I guess.

I'm at wits end. Seriously. Her mom will yell at her, but this shit is a wash and repeat cycle. Nothing ever sticks, nothing ever REALLY happens. End result this time? Me and Patrick have to put a fuckin' lock on the bedroom door I'm thinking. Last time she stole from me Regena was pretty non chalaunt about the situation, yelled at brittane and then she was like, well tasha she's stolen from me too, you will just have to hide your shit, sad to say.

I have a headache of doom, I'm too spent from my chemo today to deal with being mad about this shit.


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