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( Feb. 20th, 2009 01:26 pm)
Patrick's mom felt really bad about Brittane stealing my shit, she offered to replace the money and brought me some donuts and some chic fil a for breakfast this morning. Locks were placed on the door this morning. It is a very sturdy lock with key of course so I can lock it when I am out of the house and Patrick is at work. The wood around the door is very clean and no scratches, so if she does attempt to try to get into the lock, she will leave visable marks and scratches on the pristine white paint, and if she tries to jimmy the lock it will show the scratches because its a polished silver color. I have no doubt she'll see this as some glorious challenge to beat the system and try to get in. Regena's husband said if she breaks down the door trying to get in he'll come over and put her out himself. Regena's husband lives in another house but helps pay the bills and comes over every week to see how Regena is doing. He also calls her and texts her everyday. He can't stay here because he can't stand the way Brittane treats Regena. At their old house, he slapped the shit outta Brittane one day when she was talking shit and he told Regena he couldn't live under the same roof with her daughter or he'd end up in jail for kicking her ass. I can see why now, as I myself a very passive person have been angered myself to the point of attacking that bitch.

We are going to leave brittane home alone, with locked doors and go to the mall in a few. Regena's husband left the strike plates off the door, said it will make it even harder if someone tried to get in. He said it would probably take a professional burgler or locksmith to open the doors, the locks were expensive.

Regena's husband Bryant treats me just like a daughter. He gave me 100$ for my birthday...he gave me 100$ after I got out of the hospital. He found out about Brittane stealing the shit from me and he came right away to put the locks on the doors and he just handed me 100$ for what brittane stole from me, even though I told him she only took 23$. So I got back 4 times what I lost. Good karma does happen people.

Its hard to force myself to be mean to someone. I feel its in my best interests to try not to be nice to her anymore. It's gonna be hard, despite all the shitty things, I get to feeling sorry for her after I slight her so many times after I get pissed off. I have to make it stick though. I will force myself to remember the money she has stolen and things she has taken and said before I think about getting her a damn thing. At the moment I feel that if she were on fire I don;'t think I would even spit on her to help.

I am gonna go take some nausea meds and head out. I will have fun!


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