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( Mar. 4th, 2009 07:55 am)
Anyone familiar with the dgate boards ( a community forum for a role playing game I played a few years back ) knows that the political debates on those boards can make you wanna kill some people and can get very heated. I usually try to stay out of them, but this guy Joel started a thread asking people if they'd changed their minds about what they thought of Obama now that he passed this stimulus package. He went on to say pretty much in his words that Obama is the devil, we're going to hell in a handbasket, and keeps posting black and white pictures from the great depression. Now if you read my journal from a few years ago, I was very much hurting for money, couldn't find a job, and was selling plasma to maintain stable. We are in a bad economy right now, but all this end of the world great depression talk makes me laugh. That stimulus package that passed probably does have alot of pork in it, I won't even deny it. All I know is that government is gonna help me pay the outrageous Cobra insurance this year and that's good enough for someone with Cancer. Instead of writing a long drawn out story about how I was struggling to get by even before all this economy shit went down, writing about how shitty the healthcare system is, I decided I would just make fun of the endless black and white sad pics he was posting. I found just the pic on good ol pundintkitchen

Welfare Relief Crowd
see more Political Pictures

I'm terrible, I know. Hey, I have chosen between paying the light bill or buying food before. I have gone to bed hungry. I'm greatful for what I have, and I think its really a low blow to put up pictures of the great depression and yell at people to call their congress people before its too late. One person told him he needs to go lobby himself and stop trying to get everyone else to.

I really don't like politics much because its so hard for people not to take it personal and remain civil when discussing them. I like to throw in the jokes to try to keep the mood from crushing everyone.


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