Well those of you who have been with me in journals for awhile know I have a funny little brother named Gary and while we have enjoyed our laughs and good times, for awhile before I left El Paso my little brother was driving me completely crazy doing his growing up and acting a douchebag thing. Most of his money was earmarked for booze while my mother and I scrambled and did whatever we could to keep food in the house and bills paid.

Since I have left El Paso, my mom is better off since she turned 60 and started getting my dad's death benefits and my stepfather's social security benefits. Gary also realized what a dumbass he had been. He gives my mom money every week, and has a very good paying job which allows him to spoil my mother. He has become alot more generous with both of us than he had been in the past. He gave me like 400$ to help with my wedding last year, and he has helped my mom pay for her plane tickets out here to see me. He has bought her 2 or 3 genuine coach purses and a huge plasma screen tv for her to watch. He also buys her dvd's to watch, takes her out to eat often and takes her to the movies at random. After I left I guess my brother had time to reflect on how I took care of my mom and him alot of the time.

Last night he called me out of the blue and we started talking about everything and anything. I love to talk to my brother, I usually wait for him to call me though because he is so busy and I want to make sure he actually wants to and has time to talk. He said he was going to give my mom 400$ to help me with bills or whatever and that I could continue to ask him for money as I needed it. I told him I didn't WANT the money but it doesn't mean that I couldn't use it. I told him I just wanted him to give me 100 so I can pay the insurance this month ( the 70$ every 2 weeks to my employer till I get fired). I told him I hated to have to even ask for money, that I was used to being independent and don't like to owe or beg. He said I shouldn't even think of it that way, that he is my brother and he is happy to do it. He still doesn't have insurance. I am sad. I want him to get checked out and I told him this. Good news my genetic test results came back and I don't have lynch syndrome. (( Side note: Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), also known as Lynch syndrome, is characterised by a risk of colorectal cancer and other cancers of the endometrium, ovary, stomach, small intestine, hepatobiliary tract, upper urinary tract, brain, and skin. HNPCC is subdivided into Lynch Syndrome I (familial colon cancer) and Lynch Syndrome II (other cancer of the gastrointestinal system or the reproductive system). The increased risk for these cancers is due to inherited mutations that degrade the self-repair capability of DNA. ((source wikipedia)) )
So this means that I don't have the gene that makes it hardwired that I got it from family, I just got unlucky and I don't have a hardset gene that would pass this down to my kids, thank god. I have to talk to the doctor about it more when I see him next, but it feels like damn good news to me. I am only left wondering why I got it so early if it wasnt a genetic defect but I'll save my questions for the doctor.
Maybe my brother stands a good chance of not having it since it wasn't passed down through lynch syndrome. I pray that is the case, I don't want him to deal with cancer even in the slightest.

So yeah, Gary was like "I am gonna have mom put 400$ in the bank for you tomorrow". We started talking about video games and all this stuff...and then he was like "you know what, I'll give you 400$ next week, take the 400$ from the bank tomorrow and go buy an xbox 360" I was like "..."
He wants us to be able to play video games together, cuz Patrick has a PS3, but Gary doesn't. So he wants me to go buy an xbox and street fighter 4 with the money. I went around with him, telling him he didn't need to buy me a damn xbox, he said "yeah I know I don't but this is what I want to do ok? Then we can talk more." I guess it will also give Patrick a chance to play with Gary online, they've only met twice and haven't gotten a chance to really bond so I am hoping that they will become close friends playing online together. I don't have to say Patrick is over the moon about this and I was like "just you remember its MY xbox and not yours!" haha, he's like "WHOSE TV YOU GONNA PLAY IT ON" I said "OURS" haha.
My mom just called me to tell me she put the money in the bank, I have to go to the bank to do some banking crap and then when Patrick gets off work we'll go get the xbox. I hope we don't get a ring of death one pfft. Anyways I'll be happy to be playing against my brother video games once again.


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