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( Mar. 9th, 2009 05:33 pm)
Patrick's grandma passed away around 3pm today. I am heartbroken, but for some reason the tears just won't flow like they do on everyone else. I remained calm after Regena told me, Patrick pretty much the same. I guess I understand that she lived a very long life and it was just her time although we were not ready for her to go.

This morning Patrick could not get anyone at work and he was trying to call in but they were not answering or he couldn't get the right people. Me, Regena, Patrick's brother Chris, and Brittane went up to the hospital. Patrick went to work to try to talk to some people. We left the house close to 10 am.

I got up there and she was hooked to all kinds of machines of course. The stroke she had effected half her brain and the doctors said there was nothing they could do for her because of where she had the stroke at. I stroked her hair and talked to her. I told her Patrick was going to come see her, that he was at work. I told her be ready to see him later that evening.

When we left the hospital around noon Patrick called me and told me that they let him off work. We told him be ready to go as soon as he got home so he could go up to the hospital and see her. Since everyone had seen her already I went in with Patrick to see her. I offered Regena to go in with him, but she told me to go ahead. Patrick kissed her forehead and talked to her and we both cried. I talked to her and told her she was the best grandma I'd ever had. I made Patrick speak to her so she would know he was there.

We left the hospital probably around 2pm, maybe 2:30. I came home and collapsed into bed I was nauseated and exhausted with a headache. Regena asked me and Patrick to go into the livingroom around 4 and told us that she had passed. Me and Patrick were the last ones to see her. I am thankful she held on for him so he got to tell her goodbye.

Heaven has gained a beautiful angel, if anyone is worthy of eternal rest and peace, it is that woman.

RIP Erma Jean Rodney.


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