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( Mar. 24th, 2009 11:38 pm)
Well my port didn't do what its supposed to, I have to call the surgeon tomorrow and schedule an appointment or something.

My mom didn't call me by the middle of the afternoon today and I found that odd. I went ahead and called her and she told me she was at the hospital with her friend getting some pills, and that also they were going to run some tests on her. I could tell she sounded a little stressed. I told her I would call her later to see what was going on.

I just got off the phone with her 30 mins ago, she was barely headed back from the hospital. Her blood pressure was around 196 when she went in there, which is very high and she could have even had a stroke. They did an ekg on her heart and did a cat scan of her head to make sure everything was ok. They gave her 2 blood pressure pills to bring her blood pressure down and tomorrow her friend Rose is going to take her to her doctor so she can get a prescription written out for blood pressure pills. My mom's doctor that used to be close by moved locations and my mom didn't even know until she went for an appointment and he was gone. My mom was angry he didn't give notice, I think maybe he did but he had her old phone number and now she just has a cell phone. I am so relieved my mommy is ok. That's some scary shit though, to know she has been going around with her blood pressure through the roof like that. She said her neck had been bothering her, her body was probably taxed and stressed from the high blood pressure. Damn parents not doing what they are supposed to. Just lost Patrick's grandmother, I do not need to be losing my own mommy right now, I'd freak the fuck out.

Gotta talk with Gary, but I think he's busy at work right now. I have to make sure he stays on her to take and have her medication, No half a pill bullshit or anything like that. ( She used to take half a pill to stretch her medications longer but there's no need for her to do that now that she has the money to buy them consistantly )

I probably won't feel better until the doctor has seen her tomorrow and she is given all the meds she needs.


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