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( Apr. 18th, 2009 03:49 pm)
C posted and asked how I was doing, guess I haven't said much lately. I am doing ok. Patrick is not gonna get to work for direct tv, they are closing the project. This sucks but its ok he is gonna get a pension since he worked for the company 6 years and severence pay, and he will also get to file for unemployment since he's getting laid off.

I have been playing world of warcraft a ton, been farming those fuckin' inscription books. I have bought like 3 of em and farmed 3. I haven't really made a good amount off the glyphs even though I am selling em cheaper than most people are selling new glyphs for, like i'm selling glyph of chaos bolt for 80g some people are selling new glyphs for like 145, fuck that.

chemo is still making me nautious and crap. The oxaliplatin cold effects are lasting a little longer and are stronger each time I get it. It took about 5 days after before i could start drinking cold stuff again, and even then, just slightly cold. If I try to have icecream or something it's too shockingly cold to eat.

My port isn't hurting anymore, thankfully. I didn't know how long my chest was gonna be sore. my scar in the middle of my chest is even worse now since they cut it again to put in the port the second time. FUCKIN SCARS GRRRRRRR

Easter was ok, but sad without Patrick's grandma. It was a favorite holiday for her, she sure loved to get dressed up for easter sunday. The weekend she had passed away she had bought a new outfit for easter, and that is what we buried her in.

Sams has this chocolate cake that is so good and addicting, its their triple chocolate cake. It's round like a bunt cake and is chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate shavings on top. It is amazzzzzzing. I tried to have a piece with a cold glass of milk but the milk was too cold for me =( so I just had to eat the cake and wait for the milk to become close to room temp, bleh.

Regena's guinea pig is becoming a little spoiled diva. We call her Diva Pig. She flips her food bowl upside down when it is empty, and when she doesn't get a treat when she wants one, she goes and starts gnawing the shit out of her log house haha. She has an attitude. One day she kept jumping around in her cage to get attention and she flipped her little log over and then sat in the upside down log looking all pissed off till we finally gave her a treat and put her log back upright lol

It's been storming here in Houston but not too bad, I love the sound of soft thunder. It's light enough rain I can leave the bedroom window open and let in some air.

Back to farming on WoW I guess. Dave ( Isahn ) from dgate plays on my server now, he's got his warlock to 71, he's been playing about a month, we kinda helped him power level and twinked him up.

C you can come play on Lightning's Blade at anytime, you can look up my characters on Armory.

I have Summerstorm my shaman ( 80 ) Kavita my shadow priest ( 80 ) and Kittyloaf my Deathknight ( 71)

That's all for nowwwwww


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