But I laid down and was wide awake. I also have that Roni song by Bobby Brown stuck in my damn head. haha

"If you believe in love and all that it can do for yooooou
Give it a chance girl, you'll find romance...
And if you find a tender roni that is right for yooooou
Make it official...GIVE HER YOUR LOOOOOVE"

"She's a special kind of roni she's a sweet ol girl, about the sweetest lil girl in the whole wide world..."

I watched the live video of bobby brown doing that song around 1990...and then I looked at a 2009 video...good lord...that man had alot of money he could have taken better care of himself, but he spent it all on drugs..

We'll just have to remember Bobby in 1990 bc ( before crack ) as one video viewer put it LOL

Tomorrow I am going to the movies to see wolverine. Saturday my mom is coming to visit and she'll be here about a week.

I took 2 melatonin to help me sleep I am gonna head back to bed now that I've cleared my head and infected all of you with classic Bobby. haha This is all my friend Euthie's fault for putting Bobby in her journal. Damnit.


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