I have allergies of doom. I took a mucinex or whatever the fuck its called and am regretting it cuz I can feel all the junk in my chest draining to my stomach. I wanna barf.

Not having to wake up Patrick for work is great. We both snoozed happily this morning. I felt a light tapping on my foot and realized he was snuggling his foot under mine, I tapped his foot back. We lazily played footsies for 5 mins half awake half asleep before we both dozed off again hehe. It was nice.

When I get my job severance money in a week or two I reeeeeally wanna buy a decent digital camera, maybe 8 megapix one. I used to take a lot more pictures and crap when I had that shitty ass camera in El Paso. I wanna take pics of so many things.

Fuck I just saw on yahoo news Bea Arthur passed away. She was my favorite Golden Girl. =( May she RIP

thats it for now I guess.
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