So last week I called HR before we were cut loose from our site, so I could check out a few things. I called them and asked if my benefits money I owed them ( which was just for april I paid them feb and march ) would be taken out of severance pay since it was a lil diff than a normal paycheck. The lady placed me on hold a few mins came back and said "No, send in your money order, it will not be taken out of severance." I sent in the money order because I didn't want them to start shit with me or fuck up my benefits. Today I got my severance check and they deducted 151.81 from my fuckin check. YOU MOTHERFUCKIN FUCKIN FUCKERS. WHAT GOOD IS HR DEPARTMENT THAT DOESN'T KNOW SHIT. WHY WOULD YOU PUT ME ON HOLD TO GET ME THE WRONG FUCKIN INFORMATION YOU FUCKIN COCKSUCKIN MOTHERFUCKIN FUCKERS.

Excuse my language, I have just been through soooo much over the past few months over the phone and having to sort through tons of paperwork and CRAP. So monday, I have to call this stupid ass organization, ask them if they cashed my damn money order and tell them give me my fuckin' money back since they took it already. assholes. Patrick's mom suggested i put a stop payment on the money order, but I think it may have already been cashed by now, and I don't know which would be a worse nightmare, going after the HR to give me my money back or canceling the money order and dealing with some weird ass 3rd party vendor chasing around 150$ for who knows how long. SIIIIIIIIGH

Oh I got my cobra paperwork today, it is confusing as hell, After sitting there reading it over and over again for 10 minutes I decided I'm just too pissed off right now to make sense of it and will try again tomorrow or Monday.

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If you need any help filling out cobra stuff please ask as I think my mother has filled it all out before.

Sorry about the HR guys.

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I vaguely recall that stopping payment on a money order is seriously difficult and can cost a good bit.

You'd be better off just waiting a day or two and asking HR for a replacement check. Go hug Patrick, it will work out!

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I'm sorry about your brush with fucktards. I remember when the cable company gave us the run around about them charging us unnecessarily for two cable boxes, our cable modem, and all the remotes and crap. They said we owed $1,000. It actually got shut off for nine months because there was no way I was paying that. It was actually just a fluke and they ended up finding their mistake, but I learned to always get a Customer Service name when it comes to things dealing with money.


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