April posted about her coffee cup this morning and I started a rant in her journal that probably should warrent its own entry in mine.

Last night I bought a coffee cup from the gas station when I went to go get some hazelnut cappacino. It said "mug 3.99 and first fill is free" and I was like...ok that's cool...But said mug does not fit just right under the machine so you have to tip it...and burn your hand! And then I think to myself, why did I want to purchase this pos mug, but it's too late, cuz I REMOVED THE PLASTIC WRAP, so I was locked in the iron jaw of ownership of said cup. Next time I go in, i will probably fill a styrofoam cup with the coffee and pour it into my new cup. And then throw the styrofoam cup away cuz my cup is superior even though I can't fuckin put it under the damn machine. The way I see it, since I am gonna pay 1.29 for my 20 oz cappacino the cost of the styrofoam cup is included in the price right? ANNNND I paid them 3.99 for the shitty mug. I just think its funny I have to pour the coffee in from another damn cup into my nifty container... MAKE THE MACHINES BIGGER AND MORE PEOPLE WILL BUY THE PLASTIC CUP. My mom used to have several different plastic coffee mugs from different convinience store chains in our cabinets when I was little. I was like "why does she have 7 different coffee mugs?" Perhaps when she was young like me, she saw the shiny mug in the plastic like I did and thought "hey that's nifty" ( like I did but my mom probably didn't say nifty, cuz I don't think she uses nifty ) And she bought the mug thinking she could just easily pour the coffee in from the machine. BUT SHE WAS WRONG. Well maybe she wasn't, she likes regular coffee and they usually have a pot so you can pour the coffee. But *I* have to deal with the tasty and poorly designed cappacino machine. Curse you cappacino machine and your deceiving shiny plastic marketing mugs. This rant is brought to you in part by * looks at the name on the mug * Roasted Bean Coffee Company!

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"...so I was locked in the iron jaw of ownership". LMAO I would've been like that, too. Although I know tons of people who have more balls than me that would've put the cup back. It takes a special kind of person to do that, lol. Me? I wouldn't want to risk pissing the attendant off because I wouldn't want any hassle the next time I came in for machine cappuccino.

I think the whole fact that it doesn't fit is kinda silly because as a store owner I would want my customer to have the choice of any hot beverage they wanted without worry...and I'm sorry, there's one gas station here that has AMAZING pot/brew coffee (Green Mountain brand) but the 7-11 across from it that I go to sometimes (as well as 7-11 in general), have really shitty pot coffee...so I only get cappuccino or hot chocolate from the machine. My peeve for the one by me is that they had this beautiful, enticing picture of a sprinkled cupcake on their machine for like maybe 2 weeks with the option of "Vanilla Cupcake Cappuccino" yet whenever I went in the machine was never fucking filled with it!!! Never!!! Alex would tell me to ask them if they had it, but I can't stand being an asshole customer, so of course, I never did.

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I went back and got a normal styrofoam cup, Patrick was like "what kinda sense does that make buying that damn cup and you gonna get a styrofoam anyways" LOL

The shell station I got the coffee from has all sorts of yummy flavors listed and has 2 machines, high octane french vanilla, regular french vanilla, hazelnut, white chocolate caramel

There was another flavor I wanted to check out but I can't remember what else they had. You should definitely ask em, all they do is pour a flavored powder into the machine, and the machine just mixes it with the hot water. My ex used to work at 7-11 and once stole me a huge bag of the vanilla cappacino mix lol

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Re: lol

Yeah I know about the powder, when I worked at Dunkin Donuts our hot chocolate machine was like that, I just don't like people having to stop what they're doing to do something else for me. I know it's his job, but on the same token, so get into the flow of doing something and then to get interrupted is a MEGA pain in the ass, lol. So I try to avoid that.


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