I drank a cup of cappacino around 7 pm last night and I am still awake, I tried to lay down and sleep but I just couldn't so I got back up. It is almost 7 am. I had hazelnut cappacino the day before. I saw they had "High Octane French Vanilla" and thought huh, must have an extra jolt in it, lemme try it. Well...it works lol.

I need to lay in bed till I go to sleep, I know I'm tired but my body just hasn't caught up yet.

From: [identity profile] lookn4tuxdomask.livejournal.com

lol They laced it with crack, probably. Sometimes they like to do that. I like when that caffeine stuff works I just hate it when it works at the wrong time, lol. You're all like O_o!!!!

From: [identity profile] kittenwench.livejournal.com

I totally

told you that cappuccinos were the devil.

From: [identity profile] nuclearfruit.livejournal.com

haha, I have totally done that too. "hm, it's only 5:30, I'm exhausted, surely another coffee won't keep me up too late..."


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