I was out with Patrick's mom the other day running errands and we got stuck in traffic so we were out longer than I told Patrick we were gonna be. After an hour had passed he called my cell:

Me: "Hello?"
Patrick: "Someone has kidnapped my Panda."
Me: "Oh that's not good...did you call the police?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "And...what did they tell you?"
Him: "They filed a report but they can't do anything about lost Pandas. They said I have to call ASPCA"

haha...I was cracking up. When I got home I told him. "They found your panda. She was at the store raiding the kitkat aisle..they had to sedate her" He sniffled and was like "My poor Panda." I looked in the fridge and he had bought me a chocolate milk. I said "I see you got a chocolate milk for the Panda." He was like "Yes. I knew my Panda would find her way home to the chocolate." haha

I love him.

My mom comes into town soon I need to go get ready. We're gonna go eat at Ryan's buffet when she comes in and then go see Wolverine. Rawr!
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