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([personal profile] wickedglitter Jun. 4th, 2009 04:50 pm)
went to chemo today and took the anxiety medication the doctor gave me yesterday. It helped with the anxious stuff which was what was making things a lot harder to deal with. I feel decent after today's chemo, just a lil sick but not as bad as 2 weeks ago. Granted also I didn't have the drug that makes me feel like utter shit + gives me those bad reactions to cold.

I am off chemo for 2 weeks. This treatment completed cycle 2. When I go back I'll have 6 more weeks of chemo and then I'll be done, yay!

I didn't stock up on any chocolates. Damnit. I just have cookies. I'll have to get me some chocolate tomorrow.
o wait...I have drumstick icecream in the freezer. yay.

Patrick was showing me some silly trailers of what is to be final fantasy 13. They have a black guy with a fro and a lil baby chocobo lives in the dude's hair. haha. I told Patrick when he takes his hair down before he gets it braided again I am so gonna buy a plush chocobo and put it in his hair and take a picture LOL

that is all.
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