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I don't know why but when there was just silence between me and Chenoa and we wanted to say something funny we came up with "You ain't gotta know how to read to count crack!" I shared that with Patrick and its a random wtf phrase when I wanna say something silly.

Patrick and me sling silly insults at each other and he used to always try to win and end it with "your face" and then I started saying "your butt". Out of the blue I will just say "your butt". It's been a regular thing for about a year lol.

In grand theft auto on one of the radio tracks, the dj is like "let's go to the phones" and this old man comes on the line and the dj is like "go ahead caller". The old man is like, "Help I'm dying, I love your show and thought you could help..." and the dj is like "don't be calling here with that craziness!" and then he puts on a song. Patrick will text me and say "Help, I'm dying, I love your butt and thought you could help..." and then of course I text him back "don't be texting here with that craziness" lol

If Patrick's brother or sister are in the bathroom too long, they're "dropping dukes" LOL

I think I've shared enough of my immature nature for today haha.


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