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Well we have the new guinea pig in the house, I would just ask her what makes her happy so that we'll know.

Alot of you on my friend's list have pets, I'm very curious and hope you'll take the time to answer this question in your journal, I'd like to know what you'd like to ask your pets hehehe.
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 09:55 pm)
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I love the group Switchblade Symphony. Two of my favorite songs from them are Wicked and Gutter Glitter. I decided to make the SN wickedglitter and it has stuck hehe.
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Me and my brother had heard the tale of "Bloody Mary" ( like the movie Candyman, you would look in the mirror say her name 3 times and then she was supposed to appear and crap ) When we heard this, my little brother would ask me to go to the bathroom and stand outside and talk to him while he was inside, so bloody mary wouldn't get us LOL, he did the same for me, cuz I was scared too. I dunno how long that lasted but we eventually got over it.

I used to stomp on bugs as a kid, my mom told me "Don't do that because the guts come out". Somehow I equated this with *my* guts were going to come out of my belly button, so I stopped smooshing bugs.

I was visiting my rabbits in the backyard one day and I pulled the sheet down and a flying roach was in the sheet and it came flying at my face, I ran screaming across the whole backyard and I swear the damn thing was fucking following me. Even to this day, I am mortified of big ol water roaches. The lil ones don't bother me but if the roach is longer than half of my index finger ( and especially if the fucker has wings ) I freak out immensely.

I also hated horror movies as a kid ( of course) but my brother was 5 years old watching freddy, chain saw massacre and other shit that didn't even phase him. However, my mom brought the Beetlejuice video home one night, I thought it was great, my little brother, horror movie specialist, started bawling his eyes out and was SO scared of beetlejuice!! That shit still makes me laugh.

I'm glad they had a topic up, I got up cuz I couldn't sleep but maybe now that I've unloaded my mind a bit I can finally go to sleep.
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I don't know why but when there was just silence between me and Chenoa and we wanted to say something funny we came up with "You ain't gotta know how to read to count crack!" I shared that with Patrick and its a random wtf phrase when I wanna say something silly.

Patrick and me sling silly insults at each other and he used to always try to win and end it with "your face" and then I started saying "your butt". Out of the blue I will just say "your butt". It's been a regular thing for about a year lol.

In grand theft auto on one of the radio tracks, the dj is like "let's go to the phones" and this old man comes on the line and the dj is like "go ahead caller". The old man is like, "Help I'm dying, I love your show and thought you could help..." and the dj is like "don't be calling here with that craziness!" and then he puts on a song. Patrick will text me and say "Help, I'm dying, I love your butt and thought you could help..." and then of course I text him back "don't be texting here with that craziness" lol

If Patrick's brother or sister are in the bathroom too long, they're "dropping dukes" LOL

I think I've shared enough of my immature nature for today haha.
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#1 World Peace
#2 Give everyone the ability to speak a universal language so everyone could communicate freely
#3 Cure cancer, aids, alzheimers, and a variety of other things leaving only natural causes of death.
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I'm probably just gonna wing it. It all comes down to having a crap load of torches and shotguns and the showdown always ends up by some hospital with everyone all jacked up, so I'd probably head to a military base haha.
[Error: unknown template qotd] I know walmart pretty good, frozen foods are right by the bread aisle so I'd grab a few honey wheat loaves, a bunch of lean pockets chicken white pizza flavor, a bunch of smart ones turkey & mashed potatoes dinners, white concord grape juice from welches. ( i figure I'd spend a minute in this section ) I'd have to go to the back to the meats and grab a bunch of containers of honey roasted turkey breast from deli selects, grab some packs of kraft 2% cheese, ( I should be at about 1:30 at this point ) zoom down the chip aisle and pick up baked lays, doritos, cheetos puffs...( that should bring me to like 2-2:20 )and then to the back of the store to spend the next 40 seconds loading up bottled water and propel!