I made a death knight in WoW in March named Kittyloaf, I finally got her to 80 last night haha. Now there is just something funny about a badass warrior named Kittyloaf. I was running around the blasted lands and this guy sends me "LOL" and I was like ? and he was like "I saw your name and pictured a kitten sitting inside a wonder bread bag" haha. I wish I could post my avatar on my character profile on the armory or something so people could understand what the kittyloaf is. Yes, it is based off the picture you'll see beside this post.

I skipped chemo last thursday, boy do I feel great right now. I only skipped cuz I'm uninsured right now, The cobra will kick in this week cuz I mailed off my payment last monday.

Patrick went to go get me a pancake platter and a bacon egg and cheese breakfast burrito. Can't wait till he comes back I am so hungryyyyy.

I got Patrick's mom the cutest Yoyo and Hoops mother's day card. It has them talking and yelling "MOOOOOOOM" when you open it hehehe. If you're not familiar with yoyo and hoops, you should look up some of their E cards on hallmark.com

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!

Today is going to be a very rough day for Patrick's mother. Yesterday we took flowers and balloons to grandmas grave =( I miss that lady. It's been 2 months she's been gone, but it really hasn't set in for the family until this holiday I think.

I'm starving I am going to close here and wait for Patrick to come back. And then I will give Patrick's mom breakfast and her card. We took her to see the Star Trek movie on Friday as part of her mother's day gift. Star Trek was awesome. Me and Patrick are going to get her a docking station for her computer. I nagged him all week and he wouldn't go and he wants to go get it today...well ok I told him traffic is going to be outrageous today but he insisted he didn't want to go yesterday. He's gonna be a grumpy pants about it I'm sure. Why do men not wanna do stuff when we ask them to? Why do they insist on rebelling and then get mad when we nag them about it? I told Patrick I think he likes to annoy me by putting things off on purpose just to get a rise out of me. I've started to ignore this more but it's so hard cuz I like to do stuff ahead of time and not at the very last minute. grrrr

Ok that's all

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Hahaha Kittyloaf sounds like another name for cat turd.

And yes Star Trek was great... I was so happy they didn't eff it up. Fans would have rioted en masse, lol. And as far as men procrastinating goes...it's in their DNA. When I first met Alex I was hoping he was organized and liked to do stuff early because I'm Miss Procrastination...but between the two of us, nothing gets done. :( LOL

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yeah kittyloaf does sound like a cat turd...but its still hilarious to have this badass tanking class with such a silly name lol


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