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([personal profile] wickedglitter May. 22nd, 2009 09:53 pm)
I had a good time while my mom was in town, it was just exhausting being up early everyday trying to make the most out of the days and taking her lots of places. I went to chemo Thursday and ugh...It kicked my ass so bad. It makes me sick just talking about it. It felt like I took 3 chemos in one, I wanted to die yesterday. First time that the chemo made me throw up. I said I felt like crap x 1000 yesterday, but today I feel somewhat like a human being again.

I am craving hamburger helper something fierce, the itallian shells and cheese kind. I will have to go buy some tomorrow since its 10 pm here and I don't like to leave the house late.

I'm getting hot flashes again bleh, I am gonna lay down. I have been sleeping like shit yesterday and the doctor could tell I have alot of anxiety. He prescibed me some ambien. I took one last night boy does that shit make you woozy as hell. And i'm only on the 5mg he said if 5mg doesn't work I could take 2...I dunno about that lol.

Good lord, if I make it through 5 more chemo treatments I'll be suprised. Every fiber of my being wants to stop but everyone keeps telling me fight through it, that its for the best. I know some people have had worse chemo experiences than I have, and I feel like I'm whining a bit. But each experience is different and for me, this chemo has been very rough and I can feel it just about to break me, I seriously was so sick yesterday I felt like I wanted to die. I cried on Patrick's shoulder for awhile cuz I just felt so broken down.

Thats all for now folks..I am gonna try to keep at it.
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