I wrote about it briefly in Facebook status, but I thought I would post here since I'm rambling this evening. Lately ( especially after my last chemo treatment ) when I get nautious or a really bad thought in my head in reguards to chemo I clear my head and focus on a thought to make the nausea and bad thoughts pass. When my mom was here we went to karaoke at a bar and grill place called Fox and the Hound. I had a piece of chocolate cake there drizzled with hot fudge, it was so good! That piece of cake has become my "center" when I feel sick to my stomach or overcome with anxiety. There are other things that bring me inner peace like the thought of the smell of rain on a soft breeze, or the crisp smell of air when you know winter has arrived, but because of my love for chocolate, I can smell/imagine the taste of the cake and chocolate brings you the blissful comfort.
I wish I had some more profound kind of center like some tall japanese mountain and cherry blossoms or some shit ( well maybe I would if I had ever been to Japan but I haven't been ) But my yummy chocolate cake with hot fudge is helping me cope. Viva la Chocolate!

I am gonna take my mp3 player with me to chemo this week. I was so broken down last week I am gonna need extra encouragement prayers and good vibes from everyone. If you wanna dedicate me a song, leave the artist and song title in a comment and I'll add it to my playlist. Then you'll be with me in spirit!

Love you guys, Thank you for all your love and support throughout my tough times.
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