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( Feb. 12th, 2009 07:24 am)
You can go to this link to see my badass Shaman Summerstorm with her cool motorcycle in WoW


I look like such a badass.

I head off to chemo in 30 mins. They will gimmie anti nausea meds there. PLZ GOD TO NOT BARF K THX

My mommy will be here tomorrow, yay for mommies.

So chemo will take about 4 hours or somethin, I think I will reread harry potter and the deathly hallows until I can get off my butt and go get a library card.
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( Feb. 12th, 2009 05:37 pm)
They sprayed this numbing agent over my port so that when they stuck me it didn't hurt. chemo went well, after I finished however I was sweating and having hotflashes. The doctor said this was normal. I was doing well for awhile, but after i came home and ate I started feeling kinda nautious. I took both my nausea meds and I am feeling better. I have the "blahness crap" feeling right now. You know how you feel like shit right before you get sick, a headache that isn't a full on headache and just the "ick" feeling? Yeah that is how I feel right now. At least I had an appetite after chemo. I spoke with [livejournal.com profile] ker_thwap When I got back from chemo

WickedGlitter: I made it through chemo wooo
ker-thwap: yay!
WickedGlitter: i'm having hot flashes and sweating I feel like what I would assume menopause would feel like lol
WickedGlitter: doctor said it was normal though
WickedGlitter: talked to him before I left
WickedGlitter: the drug companies cater breakfast and lunch somedays, they did both today, fish tacos and cookies and all sorts of stuff for lunch, breakfast had egg and ham burritos...
WickedGlitter: sometimes chains like Black Eyed Pea come in and cater too and the drug companies pick up the tab
WickedGlitter: I feel its kinda ya know, vulture like of em but at the same time hey free food

I feel sick but things were not as bad as I thought. They give nausea meds before they start chemo, barfing as a result of chemo they said is actually kinda an old myth because now they have such wonderful nausea meds. I may not be barfy but I still do feel like yuck.


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