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( Feb. 28th, 2009 08:38 pm)
No luck at the casino, but I think I rushed myself since I was only there for a few hours. Patrick made me cash out when I was up, I think I should have kept playing. I went back to play after we ate and then I lost lol. My machine was hot! I got to 175 from like 40 bucks, and then I left down 90 haha. Oh well. I will play slower next time and not try to rush, but its so fun max betting and getting a bonus game or something. I had alot of fun and ate at their buffet, it was so yummy.

Coming back home on the bus I drank a dr pepper right after I got on the bus, and I got soooo nauseated and by then I had finished the dr pepper and had nothing to take my nausea meds with. I am lucky that I didn't barf. I ate a peppermint candy and it made me feel better. Peppermints are awesome. The cancer center I go to has a big basket on the reception desk with baggies full of peppermints and it has a lil card in it that says "Courage is Fear that has said it's Prayers" and on the other side it says "With God all things are possible - Matthew 19:26" I've always told you guys peppermint is amazing for an upset tummy, and today my peppermints saved me from barfing hehe.

I'm tired out.


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